Hope you read this…

My dear father,
I can’t say “thank you”
Because I owe even my life to you.

I can’t say “sorry”
Because you have never kept my mistakes in mind.

I can’t say “goodbye”
Because you have already left me.

I can’t say “see you”
Because I don’t know if I could see you
When I’m dead.

I can’t say “I admire you”
Because I have just started knowing you.
I’m sorry no one told me about you
And I asked no one about you.

Even I can’t say “I can’t keep going”
Because that will hurt you the most.

I can’t say anything
Because my mind asks me
“For what” I’m doing this
And I have no answer.

I can’t find any reason to do anything
The question “for what” is haunting me.

I can’t hug any other man
Expecting the warm care I enjoyed
At your chest

I can’t even cry
And I don’t know why.

I can’t say this but I have to say this
“You must have stayed at least for my mom”
I can’t even tell her
“Whatever happened is for good”.
Because we don’t have any reason to wait, at least.